Building Structures That Shaping Future IndiaI-4 Humanitad India is a respected and client-focused infrastructure company in the industry. Our priority is to design and build future cities that are eco-friendly and serve as the most successful model in terms of sustainable urban development. At I-4 Humanitad India, we thrive to influence the landscape of Indian architecture and building history.


  • Wold Class Malls
  • Industrial Corridor
  • Infrastructures
  • Townships
  • Roads & Bridges
  • Convention Centre

Why I-4 Humanitad

We design, plan and build across major sectors such as railway and roadway construction, civil engineering, multi-utilities, and general construction. We have dedicated ourselves to being a prominent infrastructure company of major projects that act as an epitome of sustainability and innovation.

Eco-friendly, Sustainable

Our uniqueness is creating Net Zero buildings using the latest energy efficient and smart manufacturing technologies to pave way for a sustainable India. Fully equipped with the resources, expertise and experience, we want to be “the name” that hits people’s mind when they think of infrastructure projects with quality, creativity, and durability. Operating from Kerala, I-4 Humanitad India offers a national focus and commitment to deliver world class building services India-wide.


We welcome enquiries regarding any of your future construction projects that require our expertise.
Partner with us to build structures that LAST!


NH Highways
I-4  Humanitad India
Sports Complex
I-4  Humanitad India
Convention Centre
I-4  Humanitad India
I-4  Humanitad India
Amusement Park
I-4  Humanitad India
Indoor Stadium
I-4  Humanitad India
Shopping Mall
I-4  Humanitad India
Amphi Theatre
I-4  Humanitad India


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